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Valerie Gordon’s business acumen and warm, entertaining charm lend themselves to her extensive brand, including the flagship retail boutique Valerie Confections in South Silverlake, a café and bakery showcasing her savory prowess in Echo Park, and a third concept to open in 2019 in the Valley Country Market in Woodland Hills.

The celebrated Los Angeles chocolatier—and James Beard Finalist cookbook author for 2013’s Sweet—embraces a philosophy of telling compelling stories through flavor by ensuring every dish remains approachable, with nuanced interpretation. Gordon founded the confectionary in 2004 with her partner Stan Weightman Jr., and eventually guided Valerie Confections to become one of the nation’s most highly acclaimed boutique chocolatiers.

Gaining recognition from national media outlets, TV networks, marquee food festivals, Gordon continues to push the boundary of her artisanal confections by collaborating with innovators in fields spanning fashion, design, and sustainability. Her versatile culinary knack includes handmade chocolates, preserves, historic California cakes, savory delights, and a new frontier involving nationally praised grilled desserts. An active community member, Gordon participates in organizations and events including L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade, Planned the Parenthood Los Angeles Food Fare, No Kid Hungry, and others.

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Spring fling ready? We have Easter products stocked in stores and online.

These fancy eggs are filled with liquid caramel...oozy, rich and almost too much butter.Happy #PIDAY ....why not celebrate a mathematical equation with dessert?! We  have the pie...pop by for a slice.Pi day preparation is happening!! We are ready for you with Mixed Berry, Apple Caramel and sweet and savory hand pies. #PIDAY 
#handmadeinlaWe like cheese a lot...and meat and pickles so we started making these boxes with savory treats. Call us to get yours! 213-739-8149#internationalwomensday part 2. Taking a moment to acknowledge the women behind the women! I field a lot of questions from people about how the company started, where I find inspiration, but the most frequent question is How do you do it all ?!? The answer is I DON'T. We have a staff @valerieconfctns who support, perfect and dutifully follow my (slightly) OCD instructions. These are the women who ALLOW the #bossladies to "Do it all." With the many events, collaborations and projects I have my hand in, there would be no way any of it would happen without the amazing talents of a lot of super power women on my team. When I am out "in the field" I see a whole lot of ladies who have strategized similarly, surrounding themselves with primarily female support and foundations. #strongertogetherHappy #internationalwomensday !! This is my girl #geegeegordonweightman she is in 1st grade and embodies the most fortified self confidence of anyone I have ever known. Strong, unapologetic and clear on her path. 
As I strolled through my pictures I was overcome with the sheer volume of women in my life who share my girl's zest. Let's stand loud and strong ladies!!